Monday, July 24, 2017

I Kind Of Lost Track of This Week

Buenas tardes, todos!

So I'm not entirely sure what happened last week. I swear I sent an email last week. I think that the Internet demons ate it, because it's not in my drafts folder. Ugh. So I guess I'll just have to remember what happened last week, too, and sum up.

Things in the offices are getting crazy. All the days and all the weeks are blending together, and we never know what day it is. It's just busy. We are getting ready for new missionaries to come in a couple of weeks. We are receiving 6 new missionaries, but 13 are going home at the same time, so we will have to close three areas. That means that once the missionaries leave the house, I have to go there and get all the furniture and things owed by the mission, so that will be fun.

We also received a temporary missionary today. Sister Espinosa lives in Monterrey and her mission is in Barcelona, Spain, but she hasn't gotten her visa yet, so she'll be here until it arrives. It's kinda funny because she was in the MTC in Mexico for three weeks and she just got back to her home city. Also, it's kinda complicated because the transfers in Spain are happening right now, but we are still in the middle of one here, so she came by herself to the mission. It was kind of weird welcoming a new missionary in Week 5 of the transfer. Basically, she is going to hang out with the sisters here in a trio until she gets her visa.

The only other thing I can remember this week was that we had an activity with half of the mission on Friday. The assistants put together a series of activities designed to elevate the spirits of the missionaries and also teach them team-building exercises. It turned out to be a really great activity, and it was really memorable, but for the wrong reasons. You see, as the activity was wrapping up, we all heard a great big crash. We went running towards where the brand-new fountain was installed and arrived at a pile of rubble and a missionary lying in the fountain.
We're still not entirely sure what happened, but the missionary had knocked over the fountain. Miraculously, he wasn't hurt, but it all still scared us. President was naturally not very happy, but the people who installed the fountain said not to worry about it, and that they could install another one.

Other than that, things have just been kinda crazy here. I don't remember much of what happened this week, but it was busy.

Watch this. I'm going to suddenly remember everything that happened this week as soon as I send this email.

Anyway, I love you all. Keep up the good work in the Homeland!

Elder Jakob Schramm
FROM CAMILLE: These are some pictures posted by Sister McArthur from the activity Jakob referred to so I'll share them here. 

I included this one because I think its cute:



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