Monday, October 24, 2016

From Mission Pres

Dear Elder Schramm,
Thank you for accepting the call to serve the Lord in the Mexico Monterrey West
Mission. I am awaiting your arrival with great anticipation. I appreciate the love you have
for our Savior and your commitment to serve Him faithfully. You will have success and
happiness as you do two principal things: (1) be obedient and (2) work hard. Being
obedient also means putting into practice the principles contained in the Missionary
Handbook, Preach My Gospel and the scriptures. Together there is much we can do to
rescue and invite our brothers and sisters in this part of the Lord's vineyard to come
unto Christ by helping them received the restored Gospel into their lives. You can
anticipate both happiness and hard work in the mission.
In preparation for your arrival to the Mexico Monterrey West Mission, please obtain and
bring to the Mission all items listed in the new missionary call and information packet
sent to you from the missionary department. Also, so that we have your email address
will you please send an email from your personal email account to the Mexico
Monterrey West Mission email address which is If you have
any questions you can send them to this email as well. You should have a missionary
email account or set one up soon as well. Check it from time to time before you begin
as it may have important information for you.
Thank you again for your commitment to serve the Lord. I know you will be a valuable
asset to the Mexico Monterrey West Mission through your obedience and hard work.
Daniel D. McArthur
President, Mexico Monterrey West Mission